Kerala selects HP India to provide digital healthcare solution


Bangalore: The Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Kerala, has selected HP India to create an e-Health IT platform to enable the delivery of a digital healthcare solution and services for Health Care facilities across Kerala. The digital healthcare solution will help healthcare practitioners to improve patient care and focus resources.

The Department of Health & Family Welfare (DHFW) is responsible for delivering healthcare across a vast geographic area to more than 33 million citizens through more than 1,250 healthcare delivery facilities including over 1,000 public and community healthcare centres, and almost 200 hospitals and medical colleges.

Delivering efficient and effective patient care was previously hampered by largely manual processes that generated many thousands of patient records which were often dispersed across many locations.

The DHFW chose HP to design and build a digital healthcare delivery roadmap for the 1,250+ facilities around the region. The roadmap outlines the steps to digitize the entire State healthcare delivery process in stages or phases starting from basic capturing of demographic details of every patient to complete Electronic Medical Record (EMR) creation.

The e-Health platform is the IT platform created across all care delivery systems to capture all activities and processes at the point of patient care. This includes the core technology for the Healthcare Management Information System, mobile applications, analytics and reporting.

The HP platform will provide Centralized Monitoring and Management, E-Clinical services, Disease Surveillance, Demographic Data and Medical Research.

“Delivering the best patient outcomes relies on a coordinated and efficient approach across the many healthcare delivery facilities and medical staff,” said Marshal Correia, VP & GM – Enterprise Services, HP India. “This new e-health IT platform will enable transparent and efficient monitoring of all public health programs, medical inventory, Electronic Medical Records and Hospital Management Information Systems.”

JK Technosoft and HP have collaborated to also include Integrated Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) to enable staff to assign a unique identification number to the patient.

Additionally, clinicians can store and view diagnostic images captured by various imaging equipment such as X-Ray, CT scan and MRI Scan with the help of Picture Archival and Communication System (PACS).

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