NCRMI to launch coir-based environment friendly acoustic panels


Alappuzha: Bye-bye expensive synthetic and wooden acoustic panels which are used in cinema halls, sound recording studios and auditoriums. The National Coir Research and Management Institute (NCRMI), in association with the Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID) has taken up a project to make coir-based acoustic panels which will be cheaper and more durable than the acoustic panels available in the market.

The NCRMI has taken the initiative to launch the project considering the growing concern about the health risks and the lack of bio-degradability of the synthetic materials which are used to make acoustic panels.

NCRMI Director, Dr. K R Anil said that the IIID would develop and supervise the project which intends to engineer and design a comprehensive system covering not just acoustic panels but also a complete system from fixing to designing of various interior spaces.

“We are hoping to complete the project in another six months’ time. We have carried out several rounds of experiments. The actual cost factor will be worked out once we finish the project,” he said.

According to Anil, the coir-based panel has more advantage compared to other panels. They are moth proof and eco-friendly. “We can also give any shape and colour to the panels as per the requirement. A multitier design team will take up stage wise implementation of the project.”

Officials said that with noise pollution becoming a serious environmental problem, the need for good sound absorbing acoustics panels had increased.

“Currently, acoustic panels commercially available are made of glass or mineral-fibre material. But studies have pointed out that these products can cause health effects mainly to lungs and eyes. Organic fibres like coir as basis material for absorber materials have several benefits. They are renewable, nonabrasive, cheaper, and abundant. Above all they don’t pose any health hazards,” he added.

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