Tata Elxsi partners with AISB to help Technology Startups


Bangalore: Tata Elxsi and AISB Holdings have announced their partnership to incubate and provide greater market access for technology start ups in Asia region. Tata Elxsi recently launched incub@TE – an incubation centre programme to nurture and support aspiring entrepreneurs. AISB is based in Singapore and excels in promoting business alliances and investment in South East Asia, Japan & India having keen interest in SME and entrepreneurial ventures.

Tata Elxsi and AISB agreed to extend their incubation offerings and contribution to the value chain of each other’s portfolio companies, providing them with a platform for growth, go-to-market and funding support.

AISB extends its business operation strategy and cross border business matching capabilities to Tata Elxsi portfolio companies. This includes connections for business alliances, access to its ecosystem within Asia and funding for companies that meet AISB criteria.

Tata Elxsi extends its incub@TE programme benefits to AISB portfolio companies, including infrastructure, mentorship, go-to-market support in India and contribution to their execution capabilities by providing access to world-class product design and engineering services and its Technology IP portfolio, to help reduce development costs and time to market. These will be covered under separate agreements with the respective portfolio companies.

“AISB brings its focus to boost business value by deep commitment to Business Operation Strategy,” said Kausik Mandal, Partner (Technology Division) AISB. “Working together with Tata Elxsi, we bring our companies global growth and execution capabilities”.

“This partnership provides portfolio companies with access to capital, South East Asian & Japan markets, and complementary capabilities. We look forward to working together to nurture and empower the next generation of technology entrepreneurs and enable their success”, added Rajesh Kumar, VP, Strategic Initiatives, Tata Elxsi.

The Tata Elxsi incub@TE programme has been set up to foster entrepreneurial activities in the technology space. The incub@TE programme provides a platform for startups and prospective entrepreneurs to convert their ideas into commercially viable products or services.

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