About Us

‘Kerala Biz News’ is the second offering from Sourcing Partners, the team behind ‘Kerala IT News’, a comprehensive IT news portal from Kerala. Started in July 2009, it was and still remains the only complete IT news portal from and in Kerala. Kerala Biz News was started in 2011. Well, both the news portals are the brainchild of a journalist turned entrepreneur.

Sourcing Partners is a media start-up by the journalist who has been covering Business and IT for over a decade and a half, with experience in Television, Print and Web. Apart from these two news portals, our team of Online Media Professionals provides content and management services to several popular and important websites.

Our aim is to make ‘Kerala Biz News’ the one-stop-shop for all business related news from Kerala. ‘Kerala Biz News’ is probably the first English business news portal from Kerala.