Fab Café opens its first outlet in Kerala at Thiruvananthapuram


Trivandrum: Fab Café, part of the Fabindia group, has opened its first outlet in Kerala at Thiruvananthapuram. The upmarket café claims to offer a very natural and organic dining experience with its core focus on healthy eating. Fabcafe was founded by Chef Sunil Chauhan and Rebekah Blank in conjunction with Fabindia who are credited with promoting Indian textiles.

Interacting with the media earlier this week at the newly opened outlet, Rebekah Blank said, “Fabcafe is an Indian Bistro in an all-day dining concept with regionally inspired healthy traditional Indian cuisine. We create an evolving menu where we innovate with Indian Food using local, organic and nourishing ingredients. The idea behind Fabcafe is to serve food that is fresh, simple, healthy, and flavours that are uncomplicated and clean. We opened our first shop in March 2017 and today we have 17 outlets across India. Our plan is to expand to 30 by the end of this financial year. Almost all our outlets are in existing Fabindia store premises and that complements each other’s business.”

Fab Cafe offers a menu of healthy, organic dishes that comprise of local ingredients and forgotten grains to make meals that are the epitome of comfort food. With an ideology that centres around sustainability and ethical practices, Fabcafe makes a conscious decision to source seasonal, regional and local produce which results in a farm to table café menu. The company has partnered with Organic India to bring the finest, high nutrition, organic ingredients that are natural, nutritive food to the table, making the food healthy and delicious.

“At Fabcafe, we restrain any use of refined sugar, oil and wheat and instead cook with ghee, hearty alternative grains, unrefined ghur. As a company, we put a lot of focus into creating a unique and delightful experience for our customers through excellent customer service” she added.

Anil Philip
Kerala Biz News


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