Tourism Trade Organisations in Kerala to refrain from frequent hartals


Trivandrum: The members of Association of Tourism Trade Organizations, India (ATTOI) in Kerala, will abstain from the hartal on January 03, 2019, announced by various BJP backed organisations, in relation with the Sabarimala issue.

In a press release, S Vinod, President, ATTOI said, “Frequent hartals have been adversely affecting the tourism industry. In order to safeguard the interests of the people in the travel and tourism industry, all members of the association will run their business as usual and the authorities are requested to provide protection if needed.”

The decision to abstain from the forthcoming hartal is as per the resolution approved on the joint meeting of 28 organizations in the tourism sector convened on December 20, 2018. Tourism is the industry, which affected the most during 2018 due to various reasons like Nipah virus outbreak, the devastating flood and the frequent hartals.

A resolution adopted by the meeting also demanded the Government to provide police protection for the safety and security of tourists and tourism sector and uninterrupted functioning of institutions and services during hartals.

The Tourism Task Force will take steps to file court cases for heavy compensation to those who announce hartals and creating troubles for the industry, with clear evidence, photo, and video footages.

“ATTOI is not against the cause for which this hartal is being held, but we reject the way opted by the parties in derailing the entire State which affects everyone. Besides the fact that the approach itself is negative, it leads to resentment within and outside Kerala. It will also damage the image of Kerala as a tourist-friendly State”, he added.

It may be recalled that Kerala witnessed about 100 District and State-wide hartals in 2018, and this has affected the tourism industry drastically.

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