KSIDC funded ProgonoAdvisor.com launches Digital Financial Advisor


Kochi: Progno Financial Planning Systems, a Kochi-based startup seed funded by Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation (KSIDC) and also the first SEBI-registered investment advisor company in Kerala, has launched ProgonoAdvisor.com, a Digital Personal Financial Advisor.

Launching ProgonoAdvisor.com, Dr. Christy Fernandez IAS (Rtd), Chairman of KSIDC said, “KSIDC is trying to create a favourable ecosystem for start-ups. ProgonoAdvisor is a good example of how KSIDC is supporting home-grown startups. So far KSIDC was functioning as an agency to provide finances to the entrepreneurs but in the coming years the focus will be on the ‘ease of doing business’.”

Sanjeev Kumar G, a Certified Financial Planner & Founder of Progno Financial Planning Systems said, “PrognoAdvisor.com is a disruptive technology. It will not only obviate the way how personal financial planning is done hitherto but is also expected to bring in a behavioural change in the way people manage their finances. It has powerful algorithms in the hood. It analyses the personal and financial information of a person and automatically shows the financial future. It also shows how to rework the financials to achieve life goals and stay cash flow positive throughout one’s life. Such financial planning services were time-consuming and cost-intensive. So this was earlier available only to High Networth Individuals (HNIs) through private banking arms of multi-national banks. Because of its technological excellence, Progno is now able to make it accessible and affordable to the middle class.”

Sudhir Venugopal, Co-founder & Director of Progno Financial Planning Systems said, “PrognoAdvisor.com acts as a fiduciary. It works for the interest of the client only. It does not receive any kind of commission or income from any of the mutual funds or insurance companies or stock brokers or banks. This is something rare and unique in India”.

The comprehensive Financial Planning Programme of PrognoAdvisor.com covers all aspects of a person’s finances like cash flow planning, debt management, asset allocation, goal planning, retirement planning, portfolio construction & rebalancing, and life and general insurance planning.

Features include – Integrated Planning, Actionable advice, Goal Tracking, Scientific Asset Allocation, Investment Risk Quantification, Supports multiple currencies, Supports global securities and Dedicated advisor support.

Progno Financial Planning Systems is recognised under Startup India Program by DIPP and recently bagged the Hot 100: Race To Grace 2016 award.

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