5% PC market growth in 2012-13, Tablets 424%: MAIT Study


New Delhi: MAIT, the apex body representing India’s IT hardware, training and R&D services sectors, today announced the findings of its Industry Performance Review for the financial year 2012-13.

The annual MAIT Industry Performance Review – ITOPs, conducted by IMRB International, is a survey of the IT hardware sector’s efforts to manage the business environment, gauge the market potential and consumer trends.

Key highlights of the study:

• The total PC sales between April 2012 and March 2013, combining desktop computers, notebooks and netbooks were at 11.31 million (113.1 lakh) units, registering a growth of 5% over the last fiscal.
• The sales of desktops stood at 6.77 million (67.7 lakh) units registering a growth of one per cent. Notebooks and Netbooks taken together recorded a consumption of 4.41 million (44.1 lakh) units, growing ten per cent over the last year.
• PC sales are expected to be around 12.11 million (121.1 lakh) units in FY 2013-14, a growth rate of eight per cent.
• Tablets are cannibalizing the PC market and registering a phenomenal growth of 424% in the 2nd consecutive year.

Commenting on the industry performance, J V Ramamurthy, President, MAIT, said, “The overall IT Hardware Industry scenario seems to be on a conservative side with most of the markets posting either a muted growth or decline. The year 2012-13 has been the year for Tablet PC with consumers preferring Tablet over PC as their replacement. The combination of basic functioning of a PC coupled with affordability is turning the tide favourably towards Tablet PC. That said, the SEC C Households which made a significant contribution last year for PC continues to put on a strong show registering an impressive growth of 67%”.

Anwar Shirpurwala, Executive Director, MAIT said, “The overall growth of the Tablet industry is impressive, however, the decline in the growth of PC is a matter of concern which is growing by only 5% but it is also a reality. The growth of PC industry is crucial, as the country still has very low PC penetration.”

Some salient findings of the study:

• The Notebook sales posted a muted growth rate of 10% this fiscal compared to 22% rate in the last year.
• Netbook sales stood at 0.96 lakh unit; the market has gone for a major decline of 68% over the previous year.
• The Desktop market grew at 14% over previous year.
• Tablet PC witnessed a massive growth figure of 424%. The sales for 2012-13 stood at 1.9 million units as against 0.36 million units in 2011-12.
• During the year 2012-13, server sales registered a decline of 2% over the last financial year and it stood at 89,075 units in the current year.
• Overall printer sales continued to decline albeit marginally at a rate of 1% during 2012-13 over the last fiscal year. The sales at 2012-13 stood at 2.93 million (29.3 lakh) units.
• Among printers, Laserjet printer is the only segment where sales grew positively and the growth rate was around 14% over last fiscal year.
• Inkjet printer sales continued its downward spiral with a negative growth of 9% over last year.
• Dot-matrix printer sales took a free fall as it posted a negative growth of 31% over last year.
• The number of active Internet entities posted 17.6 million in March 2013, growth of 11% over March 2012.

Set up in 1982 for purposes of scientific, educational and IT industry promotion, MAIT has emerged as an effective, influential and dynamic organisation.

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