ICT Academy study shows 39 % job skills deficit in Kerala


Trivandrum: The job skill deficit among the students from the professional colleges in Kerala is around 39%, according to a study done by the ICT Academy of Kerala (ICTAK). The study for estimating the skills needed to be employable was done in the member institutions of ICTAK.

The method was to administer an online assessment on Numerical abilities, Verbal skills, Logical reasoning skills and IT Foundation skills, to over 2,500 students of sixth semester Engineering students and the results were compared against the same test administered to a randomly chosen population of new employees from leading IT Companies.

The average marks of a few colleges varied widely. However, 30 % of the colleges are much ahead in ensuring job opportunities. The present situation can be improved sharply if such colleges are offered training facilities. The study was done after leaving out the colleges that have good placement track record.

In a statement, Santhosh Kurup, CEO of ICT Academy said that he is hopeful about the future as the study came out with good results despite leaving out such colleges. ICT has shared with the colleges the details of the study – like the individual scores, areas to be improved and the programmes to be implemented. The colleges will get six to eight months to train their students for placement opportunities.

The fact that engineering colleges and other professional institutions are taking a keen interest in the skill development programmes could be the reason for an improvement in employability skill in these institutions. If more colleges come forward to participate in such programmes the problem of lack of job-related skills that Kerala faces can be solved.

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