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Trivandrum: Inforich Technology Solutions, a Thiruvananthapuram based healthcare start-up has announced its business expansion to the Middle East and African countries. Inforich has set up its office in Saudi Arabia recently and expect to start its activities soon.

Inforich provides IT solutions to the health care service sector. They specialise in providing applications and cloud based solutions to hospitals, especially in Electronic Medical Records. An Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is a soft copy of a patient’s medical records. It normally contains patients’ all past and present medical information combined in a digital format that is makes it easier to use than paper records. Inforich has turned EMR into a card-based format for its customers.

The proprietary Microsoft based framework has been acknowledged as a state-of-the-art framework for healthcare IT by industry experts as it complies with Interoperability and HL7 standards with mobile extension.

“Interoperability is a word which has been a real challenge in the healthcare industry for long time. We are coming up with an innovative solution which can create a drastic change in health data exchange scenario with our slogan of data fluidity with data security” says Vinod Sasi, Technical founder, InfoRich.

Nishant Nambiar, CEO, Inforich Technology Solutions says, “A company started in Trivandrum reaching out so wide internationally within less than two years is not so common, but we believe it is the right decision. The global market is very bright for Indian IT solutions in medical care. Clients world over prefer Indian companies for their reliability, cost effectiveness and the overall goodwill that our IT sector has generated. Going global is a crucial decision for us, as we expect the market to boom in these countries in the short future. Easily manageable, sustainable, inclusive and efficient healthcare is becoming an increasing priority in all countries.”

Currently Inforich is working on a model of having an offline and online EHR system which will be a unique model helpful to Doctors. This model is a step towards making the healthcare setup patient centric rather than Enterprise centric and has all the medical information available on fingertips irrespective of the location.

Inforich is already in talks with big IT infrastructure companies and various governments to introduce a healthcard based system.

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