NRI Doc from Kerala develops Dengue Doc App


Trivandrum: Dr. Saji Salam, an alumnus of Trivandrum Medical College and now based in the USA, has developed DengueDoc, a smart phone application aims to create awareness about dengue fever in affected areas.

According to Dr. Saji, Dengue fever, the fastest growing mosquito borne illness affects 100 million people world wide every year. Since there is no vaccination for Dengue fever, it is important to create awareness about the disease and get timely medical attention if infected. An often unnoticed impact of Dengue fever in India is the adverse effect on tourism sector, especially in states like Kerala and Karnataka.

Developed by NRI doctors and healthcare management experts led by him, when the user selects symptoms of the disease, the application provides guidance on the condition and directs the patient to seek appropriate medical attention from a qualified medical practitioner. Once the infection is confirmed by a doctor, the application allows the patient to self-report his/her infection to be shared with appropriate public health authorities. This reporting will be faster compared to the current paper based reporting process presently available in many countries.

The current version of the application is based on guidelines related to Dengue from CDC – USA (Centre for Disease Control, USA) and WHO (World Health Organization) primarily for the US and other global markets.

“By doing the global launch in India I hope to inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs to take the leadership to solve problems for the world instead of waiting for the world to solve our problems”, adds Dr. Saji. Multilingual versions of this Android app and a website ( to compliment this application are also on the anvil for users.

Dr. Saji Salim is an expert global healthcare management and technology consultant for close to 15 years advising hospital clients and various health insurance clients. Educated at University of Liverpool, MIT and Harvard, he has been working with multinational consulting firms.

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