Aster Medcity 2nd in Kerala to offer DBS for Parkinson patients


Kochi: Providing a great relief to the desperate Parkinson patients and their families, a surgical procedure of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) was done at the city based Aster Medcity recently, thus becoming the first centre in Kochi and second in Kerala for DBS, after SCTIMST in Thiruvananthapuram.

According to a press note from the hospital, a 58 year old man with advanced Parkinson’s disease (PD) for the last 15 years underwent this procedure. This gregarious and socially active man had noticed a gradual reduction in medicine response and disabling drug induced side effects. He also had severe difficulty in carrying out his daily activities.

The team of doctors involved in the DBS procedure included Dr. Dilip Panikar (Neurosurgery), Dr. Boby Varkey Maramattom (Neurology), Dr. Sujith O K (Neurology) and Dr Jithendra (Anesthesia).

The DBS procedure involves the accurate placement of two fine electrodes into a deep structure in the brain called the sub thalamic nucleus. This implantation is guided by recording the electrical activity of the cells of the brain, a process called micro electrode recording and by a detailed clinical assessment for beneficial effects and side effects during the surgery. The patient is awake during this part of the procedure and is able cooperate with the neurologist and is also able to feel the benefit as the stimulation is performed. The electrodes are connected to a small pacemaker like device implanted in the chest wall, which delivers the stimulus to the nuclei in the brain through the electrodes implanted within. The device is programmable, in that the stimulation parameters can be adjusted externally by the neurologist to give the patient the greatest possible improvement.

The patient who underwent this procedure at Aster Medcity was discharged after the surgery, with a significant improvement in performance and a reduction in the dose of the medicines he was taking. The surgery lasted for a eight hours and he was in hospital for three days. The programming will continue over the next few weeks as an outpatient till an optimal result is achieved.

DBS dramatically changes life of Parkinson patients. Nowadays, results show that DBS in the first 4 -5 years after the onset of illness and in younger patients may offer even greater benefit.

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