Parenting workshops for Techies catching up in big way


Kochi: With IT professionals spending more time at office than at home, parenting often takes a backseat for those with kids. The problem aggravates when both parents are techies, most of time, working for the same company.

Realising the importance of a balanced personal life and its impact on productivity at work, more and more IT companies in Kerala are now organising parenting workshops for their employees with a focus on conscious parenting. Recently one such talk was held in TCS, Kochi and about 70 enthusiastic parents attended the session.

According to the HR Director of a leading IT Company in Kerala, “We decided to bring in parenting workshops into our company to help couples who struggle to balance work and parenting and to ease out their parenting predicaments. These sessions are taken by Counsellors or outside resources. The response has been tremendous and our employees have found it very beneficial”.

“When multitasking is the way of life, parenting becomes the sacrificed and compromised. Our sessions helps them go through the three Cs of Parenting – Conscious Parenting, Communication in Parenting and Concern in Parenting.”, says Dr. Jessina Merchant, a Parenting Consultant who has conducted sessions for IT companies in Infopark, Kochi and Technopark, Trivandrum. “Most of us are disappointed as our children aren’t the kind of kids we want them to be. But do we even have the remotest idea if we are the parents that our kids want? Quite often we are misled thinking that the responsibility of parenting is to correct children. Parents have to change the way they think, behave and talk, so that they can consciously parent their children.”

These sessions usually see a lot of doubts and queries from these techie parents on how to consciously parent when time becomes a factor. They also want to know what qualifies for quality time. “Are we working on their emotions, are we helping their self esteem so that they can have a good future?”

“The art of communicating with our children give us the equilibrium to balance at work”, adds Jessina. “All Corporates give training on effective communication but how many actually use these techniques in personal life to enhance relationships? We need to be good role models to our children. Husband and wife have to be on the same page as parents. If you and your spouse have two set of rules then children will adopt the divide and rule system. They will do preferential parenting. Whatever you are saying and doing, let there be single voice as parents.”

By Anil Philip
Kerala IT News


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