Social media one of the best tools for tourism marketing: ICTT


Trivandrum: The International Conference on Travel Technology (ICTT) concluded yesterday at Kovalam with a call to tourism and allied businesses to utilise social media, the blog world and digital apps for marketing their services to the new, tech-savvy global traveller.

“Social Media has become a constant presence throughout the traveller life cycle,” said Selina Power, a social media specialist from Australia. She advised the industry to create engaging social conversations with the traveller, ask customers to share images with you on social media, ask them to get in touch with you for new deals, create mobile applications for tourists, and write content for the traveller’s friend.

Chad Wiebesick, Director of Social Media & Interactive Marketing for the tourism agency of Michigan state in the US, cited blogs as one of the best tools for increasing visibility online. He said, “A blog is the only social media channel you own. Facebook and Twitter change their algorithms periodically so you need to keep up with it, but a blog is your own space. Integrate it with your main website and you will generate more leads, opportunities and customers.”

Adam Franklin, Marketing Manager for Australia-based Bluewire Media, described blogging as an inexpensive medium to generate leads and value for websites. “Use your blog as a business tool. Have social media buttons on it, have people you network with comment on it and make your blog content rich in information. Since blogs show up high on search engines, it was essential for firms to keep them active, have keywords inserted in articles and connect with other bloggers.”

Philip Calvert, an author and social networking entrepreneur from the UK, spoke about the benefits of LinkedIn for travel professionals and companies. LinkedIn is a massive mine of data and one of the best social networks for lead generation. He said one of the biggest advantages of social media for businesses is that it humanises brands. He advised business owners to have separate company pages on LinkedIn.

ICTT India was organised by the Association of Tourism Trade Organizations, India (ATTOI), with the support of Kerala Tourism. More than 250 delegates, including tour operators, travel professionals and bloggers, from around the country and abroad attended the conference which featured speakers from countries such as the US, UK, Australia and UAE.

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