DeitY launches Appstore for e-Governance services


New Delhi: Shri Kapil Sibal, Minister of Communications & IT, Government of India, has launched the pilot e-Gov application store, This e-Gov Appstore has been designed, developed and hosted by DeitY through NIC.

“The Appstore will showcase functional efficiencies in the government and enable citizen to receive services in more streamlined manner. Inclusion of IT is governance aims to reduce uncertainty and improve transparency”, said Sibal on the occasion.

The e-Gov Appstore aims to be a National level common repository of productized applications, components and web services that can be used by various of government agencies/departments at Centre and in the States. This will enable acceleration of delivery of e-services as envisaged under NeGP and optimise the ICT spending of the government.

Core and common applications that have high demand and are replicable across the central and state levels would be available on the e-Gov Appstore, which shall be hosted on the National Cloud.

Currently 20 Applications, 8 Components and 1 Web Services are hosted. These applications are sourced from 8 distinct States / UTs and provide a gamut of G2C / G2B services. Going ahead, the applications will be productized and made available on the e-Gov Appstore for use

The present version of the e-Gov Appstore has the following features: Sharing of applications, Search for applications, Provides basic information about an application on selection, Allows users to provide feedback and rate an application, Has two level approval process for contributing applications and Allows authenticated users to download application for consumption.

This e-Gov Appstore will be augmented to include applications and components developed by various departments and agencies at Centre and States and by private players; and a complete eco-system will be established (including mechanism for funding, charge back, contract management, SLAs) and will become a part of the GI Cloud initiative under Government of India.

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