DecideQuick launches social recommendation platform


Trivandrum: DecideQuick Services, a Thiruvananthapuram based big data start-up company has launched a cloud based ‘social decision making platform’ called DecideQuick.

DecideQuick helps people make smart and informed decisions about choices by analyzing personal experiences and opinions that have been shared by one’s friends, influencers, people like them, experts and public. These experiences and opinions may have been shared anywhere on the web at any point in time. Decidequick intelligently makes sense from this unstructured data and provides an intelligent personalized recommendation in less than 60 seconds.

In a release, Shameer Thaha, Founder & CEO, DecideQuick said, “Decidequick is an innovation in the social recommendation space and is a revolutionary product that solves a real problem. We aim to be the industry standard in social recommendations. In the future we are looking to release a mobile version for decision makers on the move and also expand into other decision type questions. We will also be supporting e-commerce platforms with social recommendation data”.

Decidequick was developed to solve this big pain point and automating most of these processes in a quick and fluid manner. Users of have to connect their social media profiles to benefit from their friend and peer recommendations. understands any natural language question which is about choices, be it a single choice or a dichotomy question. The platform then scans the entire web and one’s social media networks to listen & analyze experiences, reviews and opinions that have been shared by the user’s friends, influencers, experts and the public. The platform automatically profiles users and matches them by topic influence, similarities etc. The data is structured and bucketed based on proprietary algorithms which understand sentiment, context and influence. This allows Decidequick to provide a very personalized recommendation based on the user’s interests, peer psychographics and influence.

“By using Decidequick, people can now go about sharing their experiences naturally anywhere on the web and help their friends and benefit themselves from the wealth of data that is out there. All this real time analysis happens in less than 60 seconds with our proprietary technology,” adds Shameer.

Founded in 2011, is a start-up company virtually incubated at the Kochi based Startup Village and backed by NextBig Idea incubators.

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