Synthite’s corporate office in Kolenchery wins LEED Gold rating


Kochi: The corporate headquarters and technology centre of Synthite group, the Kolenchery-based leader in oleoresin manufacture, has joined the prestigious club of Gold certified green buildings in the State. The building has been awarded the status by the Indian Green Building Council.

According to a press release from Synthite Industries, the 8,460 sq. mtr. office building provides excellent daylight, and outdoor views for more than 90% of the spaces. The design ensures fresh air and natural lighting to its occupants, and a healthier choice of paints and adhesives reduces adverse health impacts.

Certified Gold under the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) 2011 standards for India under the New Construction category, the building is also self-sufficient in water, thanks to the rainwater harvesting facility with a capacity of 10 lakh litres. The plumbing fixtures used in the building are low-flow, to reduce water consumption. Moreover, recycled waste water from the sewage treatment plant is used for irrigation through timer-based drip and sprinkler irrigation systems to save water further.

The daily requirement for hot water for the office is entirely met using solar technology, for which the building uses 10kW solar photovoltaic panels. Energy efficiency equipments have been used wherever possible, which includes high efficiency water cooled chillers for air-conditioning. LED lighting and occupancy sensors have also been used to reduce power consumption, and the building employs an architecture design that reduce direct solar radiation and at the same time providing adequate day-light.

Inaugurated in 2014, Synthite’s corporate office premises also provides electrical charging points for battery operated vehicles, and preferred parking for people opting car pools, company officials said. Much care was also undertaken during the excavation and construction stages to reduce waste, prevent soil erosion, and proper disposal of waste materials. Microclimate cooing has been achieved by providing a well-planned green landscape around the building.

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