RapidValue in Red Herring Top 100 North America Award finalists


Kochi: RapidValue Solutions, the Kochi based provider of end-to-end mobility solutions, has announced it been selected as a finalist for 2013 Red Herring’s Top 100 North America award, a prestigious list honouring the year’s most promising private technology ventures from the North American business region.

Red Herring has been selecting the most exciting and promising start-ups and scale ups since 1995. Finalists are still evaluated individually from a large pool of hundreds of candidates based across North America. Twenty major criteria underlie the scoring and process. They include, among others: the candidate company’s addressable market size, its IP and patents, its financing, the proof of concept, trailing revenues and management’s expertise. Each company goes through an individual interview after filling out a thorough submission, complemented by a due diligence. The list of finalists often includes the best performing and prominent companies of that year.

“The finalists list confirms the excellent choices made by entrepreneurs and VCs and the start-ups’ solid roots in corporate America, embracing their innovations. By all metrics, it emphasizes the United States’ entrepreneurial excellence,” said Alex Vieux, Publisher & CEO of Red Herring.

Finalists selections for the Red Herring 100 North America award are based upon technological innovation, management strength, market size, investor record, customer acquisition and financial health. During the several months leading up to the announcement, hundreds of companies in the fields of security, Web 2.0, software, hardware, life sciences, cloud, mobile and others completed their submissions to qualify for the award.

Finalists will present their winning strategies at the Red Herring North America Forum in California during May 21-23, 2013. The Top 100 winners will be announced at a special awards ceremony the evening of May 23.

“We are excited that we have been shortlisted as the finalist and we are pleased to get this opportunity to speak at this prestigious event. We will present on our company’s winning strategy at the event on May 22”, said Rajesh Padinjaremadam, CEO of RapidValue Solutions in a statement.

RapidValue has its Kochi office in L&T TechPark inside the Infopark campus and a team of 175+ experts in mobility consulting and application development across India and US.

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Note from the Editor / Disclaimer: This news is based on a press release from the Company. Kerala IT News does not endorse such contests / awards. Companies, especially, Start-ups should use their discretion when participating in such contests / awards.



  1. Somesh,

    A few comments on that based on real experience of attending the award function.

    To start off with, we did not make it to the final100 list even though we were in the finalists list and presented at the function – so that makes me an unbiased reviewer, and also proves that you just cannot pay and get the award.

    Overall, I thought the award function was amazing – lineup of companies that were there was simply brilliant and highly innovative – I have been to a number of VC meets at Bangalore and in bay area – but I thought the quality of companies in this event was great due to two reasons – 1) different sectors and not just technology/software 2) companies from all around the world. Also, the key founders of these companies were presenting in most of the cases, and the learning was amazing, as opposed to a VP-Marketing doing a sales pitch.

    Most of the companies had solid reputation (there were only 20 companies out of 200 that were not funded by a known VC – we were one among them) – and there were companies doing revenues of over 100s of millions $s. Even for known names like MuSigma and Kony, that are well-funded and doing well in terms of revenues, the founders themselves came and presented. Another one worth mentioning was Airwatch, with over 200 mn$ funding, where the GM for North America presented. Not to mention some really interesting companies in spaces like medical devices and other sectors.

    The format of the event was really good with each firm making a 12 minutes presentation – and the learning of hearing from these folks was immense. There was also significant VC participation, with senior partners from known VCs who funded Google, facebook and the likes. Overall, I came out with a feeling that it was a good event – based on connections, learning and perspective.

    Looking at the participation that I saw in terms of founders and well-reputable VCs, as well as the overall process,I did not get an impression of a non-genuine event. Just my thoughts. Please feel free to reach out to me on rajeshp@rapidvaluesolutions.com or 9539069901 for any questions.


    Rajesh P
    CEO & Co-Founder,

  2. Kerala IT News on

    Thanks Rajesh for the detailed report / feedback. I am sure your comments will be useful for others also – Editor.