Tata Hitachi launches ZAXIS 220 LC series excavator in Kerala


Kochi: Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery Company Ltd. has launched its global Initiative, the ZAXIS 220 LC – GI Series Hydraulic Excavator in the Kerala market.

Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery Company, formerly known as Telcon, originally a division of Tata Motors, has been in the forefront of the Construction Equipment business since the early 1960s. Tata Hitachi is the leader in the Indian hydraulic excavator market, with a range that straddles the diverse requirements of the customer.

The new ZAXIS GI series from Tata Hitachi has taken the Zaxis technology to the next level through its features and offerings. The new ZAXIS 220 LC is powered by a Japanese engine which delivers a huge 170 PS output. HIOS-III (Human & Intelligent Operation System), which is the latest in Hydraulic Technology offering from Hitachi across the globe, coupled with a powerful engine has helped in increasing the fuel efficiency by 10% and with swifter operations. ZAXIS 220 LC has been designed with a rock- solid undercarriage, sturdy upperstructure and reinforcements on front attachments which have resulted in enhanced durability. The operators’ cabin has been designed with special focus on operators comfort, safety and ergonomics.

ZAXIS GI series features such as on board ICX (Data Controller) and Global e- service, enable data downloads, machine location identification and machine maintenance and performance monitoring by the customer. Features such as Auto Idle, Power Modes, Work Modes and longer change intervals of consumables enable the customers in achieving significant savings in operating costs. ZAXIS 220 LC also goes green, by its environment friendly engine conforming to US EPS Tier 2 and European EC Tier 2 standards, and consumes optimum fuel as per the work requirement. Tata Hitachi recognizes the need to offer speedier, more efficient and cost effective Construction solutions to a nation on the cusp of rapid growth.

With the launch of the ZAXIS GI series, the Indian construction scenario would take a quantum leap into a new dimension of excavation work in Infrastructure applications. The Zaxis GI series of Excavators will mark the beginning of a new era for Tata Hitachi as ZX 220 LC will cater to the Indian as well as the global construction equipment markets through exports.

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