HLL sets up Moods Planet condoms outlet in Kochi


Kochi: Buoyed by its successful launch in Thiruvananthapuram and Goa, HLL Lifecare Ltd. (HLL) has set up Moods Planet, India’s premium one-stop exclusive retail showroom for condoms, in Kochi that also allows customers to get tips about a healthy sex life from men at the counter, without being embarrassed.

Moods Planet is a condom shop, set up by MOODS, a leading contraceptive brand in the premium segment in India and the top brand in Kerala. ‘Moods’ is a condom brand from HLL, a Govt. of India enterprise under Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, and is available in more than 22 exciting variants.

Dr. M Ayyappan, CMD of HLL said, “The standalone store is less about selling condoms, and more about disseminating information. We want to personally connect with our customers and desensitize them about the taboo attached to purchasing condoms. Also, our staffers are trained to answer queries about sexually transmitted diseases and reproductive health, and we want the store to be the go-to place for curious youngsters who may otherwise resort to the wrong sources for information.”

Located opposite Medical Trust Hospital in Kochi, Moods Planet store has been designed in a way that a person can easily walk in without feeling embarrassed of visiting a ‘condom shop’ and pick up contraceptives of his or her choice.

At Moods Planet, people can also buy various other HLL products, such as Velvet female condoms and Saheli non-steroidal oral contraceptive pills. The showroom also stocks illustrated booklets with sex tips and FAQs in which relevant chapters of Kamasutra, the ancient Indian treatise on sex, have been reproduced.

HLL, which ranks among the leading producers of condoms in the world, produces 1950 million pieces of condoms a year. Moods is the market leader in Kerala with a share of 56 per cent.

Moods Planet is a one stop shop which houses the entire range of Moods variants right from the fast moving dotted, ultrathin and all-night (climax delay) condoms to the latest ones such as Cool (with cooling lube), Blaze (with warming lube), 1500 dots (with five times more dots than the normal dotted condom) and Aloe (with the goodness of aloe vera extracts which act as a natural lubricant).

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