Shashi Tharoor’s Kerala Tourism online Quiz begins on May 10


Trivandrum: Kerala Tourism’s online quiz show hosted by Union Minister of State for HRD Dr. Shashi Tharoor will kick off on May 10, 2013. Dr. Tharoor, who founded the Quiz Club at his alma mater, the St. Stephen’s College in Delhi in 1974, will be asking one question everyday for almost two months in the first online quiz show by a tourism board in India.

“It was the first college Quiz Club in the country and is still in existence, a model for others,” said Dr. Tharoor, MP from Thiruvananthapuram, referring to the St. Stephen’s College Quiz Club. He will ask questions on the nature, geography and culture of God’s Own Country on the quiz show, whose virtual platform is the Kerala Tourism Website ( The quiz master will be aided by visual clips for his questions.

The Quiz Show, announced last month, has already received a huge response with thousands of people registering themselves for the event. The participation in the Quiz Show is done through a registration on the Kerala Tourism Website.

A majority of the registered participants are from outside Kerala, including thousands from across India and abroad. Interestingly, the strong and well spread-out Malayalee diaspora accounts for only about 10 per cent of the registered participants so far, showing a huge enthusiasm for Kerala among the people from other states and nationalities. The registration is open during the entire course of the Quiz Show.

The participants will get 24 hours to answer the questions posed by Dr. Tharoor everyday. The answers could be posted online, on the Kerala Tourism Website. The Quiz Show runs up to July 8.

“We are overwhelmed by the tremendous response from across India and also abroad to the online quiz show hosted by the honourable Minister”, said Kerala Tourism Secretary Suman Billa.

“It is going to be a great contest online, testing the knowledge of the participants about the many facets of Kerala even as it will be providing an exciting time to all those waiting for the show to begin,” said Kerala Tourism Director Rani George.

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