All-women IT start-ups to get support from IEEE


Trivandrum: The Kerala Chapter of the Institution of Electronics & Electrical Engineers (IEEE) is setting up mechanism to support all-woman start-ups in IT and related technology domains. The IEEE Kerala team is already working to get the first start-up under this programme established in the social media space and will be launched next month.

This start-up is focused in utilising the existing technology trends in social media, to address the applications of crowd sourcing, with special relevance to the market and social requirements of India. This start-up is in the process of gearing up recruitment and its business model will leverage the power of crowd sourcing to solve real-life problems through co-opting human resource organised through virtual communities.

According to Sarada Jayakrishnan, Head of the Women in Engineering (WiE) initiative of IEEE Kerala, “Even though women constitute 50 percent of the students in engineering and other technical areas, their presence and visibility in the realms of start-up enterprises is rather low. There are several reasons behind this, and empirically, I would say that the lack of family support, risk aversion and the organisational culture of start-ups are perhaps some of the reasons”.

WiE would support the formation of start-ups for women, by ensuring a women-friendly atmosphere and culture, by providing mentoring and thorough technology support. “Eventually, we would like to incorporate our learning in this process to all start-ups”, she added.

R Srinivasan, Chair, IEEE Kerala said: “Women are as or more innovative than men, and there is no inherent reason why women’s start-ups cannot emerge in Kerala. In fact, there are many women who are, for various reasons, unable to go in search of jobs to the metros or Kerala’s cities. An initiative such as this, by promoting women’s start-ups, will go a long way to tap into this resource, thereby bringing women into the mainstream”.

IEEE Kerala has also formulated a special task force, Promotion of Innovation & Entrepreneurship (PIE), to be an effective contributor and mentor, in the state-wide interest for innovations.

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