Next Gen e-Ticketing makes online railway reservation easy


New Delhi: In a move to provide more hassle-free services to railway users, Indian Railways has recently launched new IT initiatives and applications. These initiatives have been designed and developed by Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS), an autonomous organization under the Ministry of Railways.

The new applications developed by CRIS are Next Generation e-Ticketing (NGeT), Freight e-Demand Registration, e-Diversion of Coal rakes and Go India Smart Card.

Indian Railways’ e-ticketing system is one of the most essential G2C services operational in the country today. Funded by IRCTC, NGeT has replaced the existing system and provides passenger friendly service delivering high performance resulting in speedier access to the website even in peak hours. The new system, based on open standards, is equipped with state of the art technology, this system is designed to provide high service availability, scalability and improved agility for incorporating business rule changes rapidly.

As against 40,000 concurrent sessions in the old system, NGeT can handle 1,20,000. The number of ticket bookings per minute has increased from 2,000 to 7,200. The new system can also handle 2,00,000 enquiries per minute compared to the earlier 50,000.

With its resilient and scalable architecture, cutting edge technology, backed by high performance and user friendly features, the new NGeT has led to a quantum jump in improved customer satisfaction.

In Freight train movement, the need for an on-line system for Registration of rakes and wagons will be finally met with the launch of the e-Demand module of the Freight Operations Information System (FOIS). With the release of this module, customers can sit in the convenience of their homes or offices and register their freight demands.

The power of IT has been extended to revamp the current manual process of diverting coal rakes among the Power Houses and Corporations of Electricity Board through the new ‘e-Diversion system’.

The Go India card is pan India contact-less smart card to enable passengers to pay for tickets for long distance reserved, unreserved, and suburban journeys as a pilot project. It can be used a nominated UTS counters and Automatic Ticket Vending Machines (ATVMs) and nominated PRS counters for reserved tickets

CRIS has enhanced the Train Enquiry system by developing a Mobile App and a desktop application, both for Windows 8 platform. The app connects to the Train Enquiry system at the back-end. An Android version is expected soon.

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