Kerala Administrative Tribunal logs on to cyber space


Trivandrum: The Kerala Administrative Tribunal has registered its presence on the cyber world with the launch of its official website. The website,, will offer a wide range of services to litigants and advocates and will also provide details and clarity on court procedures.

The website was inaugurated by Justice K Balakrishnan Nair, Chairman of Kerala Administrative Tribunal (KAT) at a function held at Thiruvananthapuram.

In his remarks, the KAT Chairman said that the launch of the website is a step ahead in ensuring transparency in court procedures and convenience of litigants. He assured that KAT would ensure better services to its beneficiaries. He also launched an information kiosk.

Mathew C Kunnumkal, KAT member said that the website should be dynamically updated. He also added that that computerisation of KAT had reduced the workload of its employees and increased the percentage of case disposal.

The website and kiosk is linked to web based CISKAT, the Case Information System (CIS) for Kerala Administrative Tribunal (KAT), designed and developed by the National Informatics Centre (NIC). CISKAT facilitates KAT to have track of Applications from the receipt (filing) stage to the disposal stage.

Various activities between these stages would be recorded. Required reports, queries, Summaries, status etc. can be generated from the system. Cause List, Judgments, Case History, Case Status, etc are some of the other reports. By recording the procedures and details of cases, from the stage of filing to disposal in a centralised server, the system would enable the users to track the case status and retrieve information on litigations.

The system allows the employees of KAT to update case related files and documentations in an open source server which would be available on the website. It offers options to search the case lists of KAT, case status, judgments, cases filed and advocates concerned.

NIC has also integrated a short message notification system to CISKAT which alerts litigants and advocates about the date of court proceedings through mobile phones.

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