Premier start-up event In50hrs says Hello to Trivandrum


Trivandrum: It is official now, the first edition of In50hrs will be held in Thiruvananthapuram from May 3 – 5, 2013. In50hrs is an ‘Idea-to-Prototype’ platform for IdeaSmiths, Developers, and Product Designers to come together to work on audacious ideas that solve real problems and build working prototypes (Minimum Viable Product) over a weekend. The Prototypes are demoed in the Demo Evening to Peers and a panel of Jury.

According to tweets by Vijay Anand, the founder of In50hrs, “Good news. In50hrs is heading to Trivandrum. Not so good news. We are discontinuing our Delhi Edition. Logistical issues with Delhi. It’s a long way from our centre of operations”.

“In50hrs, is the first step in bringing a start-up idea to life. We have a space, dedicated for the task for 50 hours (including overnight), some kickass mentors (who still have fresh memories of building that first successful product that they launched), fellow entrepreneurs, coders, designers and product managers – all lending their skills to breathe life into that thing, that started off as an itch, and a passing moment”, says Vijay on the In50hrs blog.

In50hrs is a community effort. It is a crucial piece in the start-up ecosystem – in teaching people how to prototype, and in connecting entrepreneurs in the community to give back (as early as them seeing product-market fit) so that the next crop of entrepreneurs are learning from their peers. Most of all, it nudges people to act rather than sitting on their idea, and learn a skill or two along the way.

Talking to Kerala IT News, an Entrepreneur from Trivandrum said, “It is a great joyous moment for the start-up community in Kerala that In50hrs, India’s premier ‘Idea to Prototype’ event, have decided to log in to Thiruvananthapuram. This is a big opportunity for all those idea smiths, developers and product designers in Kerala and southern Tamil Nadu. The venue of the event will be announced later.”

The first In50hrs was held in March 2011 in Chennai and as of March 2013, In50hrs has done close to 14 editions across four cities – Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi and Pune.

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